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Meet Janne (Yenna)


A 25+ year Alaskan with a lifelong passion for cooking and health. 

Having a diverse background in nutrition, I offer experience in consulting for diabetes /pre-diabetes, health and weight management, and a wide variety of food sensitivities and allergies.

I am accepting new clients and I am excited to continue to share my expertise with the Fairbanks community through Golden Heart Health

-Now offering Tele-health

Consults & Educations

Golden Heart Health is currently accepting clients for Tele-health, individual or small group consults and requests for group and workplace educations.

If you want to boost your immune-system, manage chronic disease or allergy, or improve general health, I can help you develop the tools to get there.

A variety of topics are available for educational presentations; see my Services & Availability page for full list or contact Golden Heart Health for details

Now offering Tele-health

Golden Heart Health

Tips & Recipes 


The most important meal of the day is breakfast

No matter how long from waking to breaking your fast- let’s make breakfast count

Read more on my “Tips & Recipes” page

Tips for Immune Health


Many aspects of our diet can boost immune functions, but diet is only one piece of the nutrition puzzle

Sleep and physical activity are essential to direct nutrients to the tissues where they are needed most!

Read more on my “Tips & Recipes” page

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