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Hours & Location

Friday - Saturday        9 am - 5 pm

Or by appointment

I see clients at Courthouse Square, Suite 3H, 250 Cushman St. Fairbanks, Alaska

and remotely via Tele-health

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Education Examples

I am available for group educations on a variety of topics like local food awareness and fat and hormone balance.


Contact Golden Heart Health for education on topics not listed-

I work hard to accommodate special requests

  • Basic nutrition and label reading (2 hrs)

            - Health is not a size

  • Fat balance and hormone regulation (2 hrs)

  • Sports nutrition; event or maintenance (1 hr)

Golden Heart Health

Prices & Insurance

Individual consult

     Initial Consultation (1 hr)                       $140/hr

     Follow Up (30-60 min)                            $  80/hr

Small group/family consult 

     Initial Consultation (60-90 min)            $180/hr

     Follow Up (30-90 min)                            $120/hr

Group and workplace education              $199/hr 


Let me review your insurance to check for coverage; several dietetic consults and Tele-consults may  be covered by your insurance. 

Contact Golden Heart Health for details

Individual & Small Group/Family Consults

Golden Heart Health believes in a holistic approach switching the focus from the number on the scale to progress with building healthy habits.

I assist clients with dietary approaches to

  • Nutrition for Immune health

  • General Health and Weight Management

            - Health is not a size

  • Diabetes/Pre-diabetes

  • Food Sensitivities/Allergies

  • Sports Nutrition


Whether your goal is managing weight, health, or allergies or preparing for an athletic event, I can help you develop the tools to get there. Contact Golden Heart Health to set up an appointment or Tele-appointment

Golden Heart Health is at Courthouse Square, Suite 3H at 250 Cushman St. in Fairbanks

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(907) 322 6602

Fax (866) 409 0499

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